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I made a video on this game (35:14)

played this on a 3 random games, very much enjoyed it!

Nice game !

The browser could not allocate enough memory.......
Seems 64gig is not enough for this game ?

i can run it on a school chromebook so maybe its a connection issue

this is amazing, but i wish there was a bit more time to 'aim'




Fatality :D


I always love a good bowling game. I havent had this kuch fun with one since Wii Sports, and that says a lot. Great work :D


I just walked up to the pins and knocked them all down before bowling so I got 5 strikes.


Me too

This game is so much fun! I like trying to knock all of the pins without getting a gutterball, but it is a challenge to align the ball to make it work. The moving animation of the characters and overall gameplay are cool and neat! I would definitely recommend playing this game. 10/10! 

I made 45 pins knocked, 1 spare and 3 strikes!

This game was amazing! Loved the mechanics once I got used to it and I loved how simple the graphics were done not over the top like, but just right.

This kind of reminded me of Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey to be honest. Really enjoyed playing this game and recommend that everyone play this because of how easy it is to play it.

Really nice work!

Made a video

I really enjoyed this once I got the hang of it. Best so far is 4 strikes and a spare ^^

This game is great! If you were to polish it I would definitely try to improve the physics of the pins, as of right now they're kinda glitchy and don't feel super rewarding to knock down. However what you have here already is exceptional for a game jam game, and the controls for making a shot are intense and inspired! 5/5 stars


I love the work you guys do, Fixin to Die was a hilarious game that was fun to play. I love the art style done here and the music is epic. The controls feel good and the game is easy to figure out and play. I got caught up in everything and was almost late for work after I got done recording. I cant wait to see what you do in the future.


You guys never fail to entertain!