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It doesn't just look like some amazing fun, it absolutely is! While I'm not a sports fan at all, this game made me laugh so hard because of its gameplay. <3 It felt overpowered and a bit unfair at the same time, but never frustrating! Kick, slam, kick, pass, kick kick kick! :D An absolute delight, which well deserved the 5th place overall in the Ludum Dare 37. Happily I wrote a recommendation article and uploaded a short gameplay video, which really made its way around the whole internet, when I take a quick look at the views count. :'D Thanks for that experience, it was a blast.

Best wishes,

This should be on Steam!!!! THIS IS AMAZING! Add some more things such as more custimazation (Courts, Player looks) and more modes for different amounts of players, then this could probably get on steam.

Holy moly this looks amazing!

Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features is added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

This game is freaking hilarious! I wanted to keep playing just to here all the different things the announcers would say

Whoever came up with this idea has a bright future ahead of them. It’s one of the very few games I played more than twice, and one of a handful I was actually interested in going back to after the review.

While Kratzen gave it three stars, that’s because of the purity of the star system and not how much I personally enjoyed it. I would have given it four, but I don’t like to deflate my gold standard.

Once again, very good game.

Why is this game so hilarious and addictive at the same time? I've had a ton of fun playing this!

I highly recommend you to play Karate Basketball if you like playing basketball, lol

The cpu is very stupid

Game free.... 1$


How to start game on mac, it just stucks on the player join screen

If you like Karate you will LOVE this game! If you like Karate and Basketball you will really LOVE this game! If you don't like either you will still LOVE this game! This game is so much fun, especially when you are playing against a friend. The controls are silky smooth, the graphics are retro and pleasing, the announcers and sound effects are amazing! This game was so much fun, it should be illegal. KARATE + 🏀 = AWESOME!!


Not downloaded this yet but just discovered it. Concept, execution and visual looks so damn fun that my inner child is backflipping! Will check back in when I've played it.