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The year is 2044 AD, and the artificial intelligence known as G.O.R.E is on the verge of destroying humanity! Those that survive are assimilated into its murderous horde of Blood Mechs™! 

One man - a priest - armed only with his faith and indomitable will has the power to resist, and turn G.O.R.E's murderous machine against him! Or is that 'it'? Whatever! Save humanity! Destroy all in your path! So sayeth the Lord!

Control your Blood Mech to defeat the waves of enemies. Manage your reactor power carefully, and use your shields to avoid loosing too much blood.  

Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 39: RATE OUR ENTRY HERE


  • HOLD H for in-game controls
  • Taking damage to your BLOOD REACTOR will lower your maximum available BLOOD.
  • Deploy your SHIELD to block damage to your BLOOD REACTOR.
  • Manage your POWER CONSUMPTION! Firing weapons, using shield, and taking hits to your shield consume the most power.
  • Use the POWER CONTROL PANEL to modify BLOOD levels to your systems.
    • Increasing MOVEMENT allows you to run faster
    • Increasing WEAPONS increases fire/charge rate
    • Increasing SHIELDS means you take less power drain from hits while shield is active
    • INTEL toggles the minimap
    • Disabling LIFE SUPPORT gives power boost but you’ll take damage after 10 seconds!


  • WASD - Throttle + Turn Mech
  • Mouse - Aim/Pivot Torso
  • Left Click - Fire Machine Gun
  • Right Click - Fire Missiles
  • Space - Raise Shield
  • Tab - Show Power Control Panel

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Published 83 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorsSeaDads, Powerhoof
TagsLudum Dare 39
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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blood-mechs-the-iron-eucharist-windows.zip Version 1.2 54 MB
blood-mechs-the-iron-eucharist-linux.zip Version 1.2 74 MB
blood-mechs-the-iron-eucharist-osx.zip Version 1.2 57 MB


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