Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine on the ZX Spectrum!


I've waited aeons for an adventurer to find their way deep into the temple of wonders and to stumble upon my lamp - to free me of my prison.

But this cretin hasn't yet thought to rub the damn thing! RUB MY BLOODY LAMP YOU IMBECILE! 

He could wish himself right outta here, instead he's going to get us killed! 

Luckily I still have ** some ** influence within these ancient halls...


  • Use the mouse to place objects and wire them up
  • Right click to remove placed items (select the wire tool to remove wires)
  • 'F' to flip, 'R' to rotate selected tiles
  • Hit the play button and see what happens!


  • Press ~ to enter the level editor!
  • You can export levels to the clipboard as TEXT, to send to friends, or drop them in the comments! 
  • Copy text for other levels to your clipboard and hit the IMPORT button to import it!
  • Level editor keys:
    • ~ Toggles level editor
    • 0-9 sets how many of the hovered tile are available to players
    • TAB - toggles toolbars
    • Arrow keys - reposition entire level
    • CTRL-C copy's level to clipboard
    • CTRL-V pastes level from clipboard


Updated 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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Version 1.1.5
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Version 1.1.5
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Version 1.1.5

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Game with great potential. I'd like to play more level

(3 edits) (+1)

great game. made a thing, not sure how well it functions as a puzzle, but the completed route is pretty satisfying

(1 edit)

Oh man that level is brutal, but I figured it out! The solution doesn't seem to work every time (because of our dodgy framerate dependant physics) But it's such a clever use of the mechanics, I didn't even know you could do all those things :D

And you're right, it's very satisfying when you get it!

(2 edits)

Glad you liked it! yeah i wasn't sure how hard it was, but i had a feeling it might be rough. also i think i found what you're talking about. that is actually just a tiny bit different from the way i did it so i never noticed the inconsistency. (edit now the normal way i did the map is consistently not working so idk actually) i changed the level a little so that it should be more consistent maybe.


here's an attempt at something a bit more explicitly puzzley. this has 2 different possible solutions (unless theres some i missed). i really love this game!


Again, really creative puzzle and really satisfying to figure out! I think you're better at this than I was ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

Dudes, this is sooooo good. Well done! (I was bummed I finished it, I just wanted more!)


Dave and the SeaDads….this game is awesome. Should win LD46 and makes me feel bad about my entry ;) This was a ton of fun. I can’t see how there isn’t a sellable product on Steam here with like 100 levels. The puzzle design was awesome. Loved the art and music too. Great effort as always.

Oh man I need more! Please make more levels for this!

I'm really keen too! We ran out of time to make them during the 72 hours, but I think there's enough mechanics to do a bunch more interesting ones.  I'm in the middle of another game jam now, but once that's done, I'll look at doing a post-jam build of the game. Hopefully include a level editor too! 

Good game, unfortunately I placed a sunk wall in one of levels and can't remove it (all other objects I can remove with right click except this one)...

You dont need to flip for last level ;)

Ooooh, you're right!

This was a really fun game! The puzzles were interesting, the tools were neat, and the art was pretty. ^_^ 

My only real critique would be that, while I liked the art-style, it did also make the nature some of the tools a little non-obvious.

Overall, however, I really liked this. ^_^


Mifflin? Mifflin!

Disappointing that there are no comments that just say Mifflin

Looks cool!