Magical or Not… Everybody’s Gotta Serve Somebody.

Sure… We all know that gnomes are real, and that they walk among us performing the manifold tasks that ensure our hum-drum lives run smoothly, but what do they really know about rally driving? Are they ambivalent to the whims and wants of the average racer, or does the thought of sating every conceivable need - large or small - bring them incalculable joy?

Join Bucket as he rides the fine line between adventure and tedium at breakneck speed, and discovers that some humans - though incredibly fast - are just pricks.

The game was built as part of Ludum Dare 41 (vote!), and sees two wildly incompatible genres mashed together to form a unique (and abominable) adventure/racer!


  • Use ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to move Bucket left and right between screens.
  • Listen carefully to your master’s instructions, and use the mouse to fetch what he needs.
  • Tend to his every whim, and you’re sure to reach the podium!


Jon Murphy (@nuclearfriend) - Code
Adrian Vaughan (@yeoldshrimpeyes) - Voices/Sound
Ben Weatherall (@sunraheadgear) - Art/Music
Martin Ponichtera - Code


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Well done guys ! +1 follower

it's important to know that the driver looks like Jon rofl