A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As a surgeon in a tiny field hospital you must decide whether you have the resources to help each wounded soldier that comes into your tent, or whether they must be sacrificed, for the good of the many.

It's Overcooked meets Surgeon Simulator! 

And in this war, you're either dead... or Fixin' To Die


Supports controllers!
Keyboard: WASD + Space

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Windows 20 MB
Version 1.0.2 Dec 19, 2018
Version 1.0.2 Dec 19, 2018
Linux 40 MB
Version 1.0.2 Dec 19, 2018


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Omg this looks so much fun Imma play it soon


i think if you save all of them you should get a ening where you get a award


Well, I saved most of them...


I loved this game! It was a really run experience. Wish there were more levels to play through. If this game gets expanded I will definitely play more! Good job!


Worked flawlessly, it was ,short, but a very nice experience. Really started to feel the urgency at the last level, managed to make feel like a hella though job, wish it had some more levels tho, maybe 1-2 new items. But still, good game.


Awesome game.


very nice game 


cool game


People never came in. No gameplay. Is this game broken or something?

(1 edit)

Ahh someone else just had that happen, might just be a rare random bug. the game was made in like 3 days ;)

Just tested and got it to happen, weird, no one ever never noticed this when we  first released it. 

It seemed to work fine if I set the quality to "fantastic" though no idea why that'd make a difference ;)

I really wanted to enjoy it but it kept glitching. First, it would not download via the desktop app and kept popping up an error. Then I downloaded it from the browser and that worked fine. First time I play I make it to level 3, and then no soldiers showed up. Wait for a while, wash my hands a few times, nothing. Close the program and start again. I'm in round one again (disappointed to learn there's no save/level selection) and I get this one solider that I keep failing, but also won't die. He was at 0% and I kept operating, and he kept being at 0% but he didn't die. I couldn't progress because he wouldn't heal and wouldn't die. Gave up after that. Disappointing.

Ah sorry that happened! Not sure about the level 3 thing. But if an soldier is at 0% you just gotta put them in the blood bin :D

why doesnt it work for the desktop app

It was published a looong time ago, looks like there was a tickbox that wasn't ticked on the build to show it's the main windows one. Fixed now.

I did not realize that, but I sometimes skip instructions because reading them is boring (not your fault, I do this with most games and I hope I can figure it out laters). I'll have to try again when I have time. Thanks :)

fun asf


Took a few tries, but it looks like Nigel Burke smiled upon me today ;)


Love this game, it was hella fun for being such a short game. Played very smoothly and without issues and was very worth the time. Thank you for making this! 1st game.


Really great use of theme, the animations and graphics are amazing. Those sound effects are so good. 

32x bits?


Interesting play! Difficult as all though to save them soldiers!

I enjoyed watching your gameplay! You are very funny! xD

Why, Thank you! Thanks for giving it a watch.

This was actually a way better experience than I expected! Props to you for making an awesome game! Very clever design and mecanics too!

Windows option doesn't work, can't download the demo


When I first became a doctor, I was expecting a simple and quite life. I was to join Fathers Practice after leaving school which would secure me a handsomely paid position with a title fit for a gentleman.

And then the War started up and i went to do my duty and help save lives, at least, that's what i thought i was going to do, how na茂ve i was.

Everyday more men and fewer supplies are dragged into my tent, begging and screaming for help, and i do what i can for them, but each day more and more of the men die, and at first i was heartbroken when i couldn't save them, but now i feel almost nothing as i watch the life slip from their eyes, and I'm not sure which is worse 

The officers make speeches about winning the war, but i no longer think winning is possible, the price this war demands is too high, victory is longer an option, not for us nor for the other side, instead all that can happen now is that the war can end, and both sides can return home and count up what they have lost.

I have taken to drinking some of the meagre supply of morphine we have left.

it stops my hands from shaking when i work on the men, and quiets the roar of emptiness i feel inside my chest.

I Pray that the war may end soon, and that i will live to see it



Really like the game! I like the M*A*S*H-vibes it gives!

Im playing the game on Linux (Kubuntu) and im having a problem with patients not spawning. First time no patients spawned at all, the second run i got two and then nothing. Just a heads up!

Deleted 21 days ago

u bl**k xd

Deleted 21 days ago



i got 34 which i thought was good im proud of my hard working as a doctor maybe i should use chainsaw next to help the people

wish it has local multiplayer where we can steal each other's stuff or we can help each other in endless mode but still another great game


Yeah that would be awsome I had the same idea

I think thats why there are to bone saws


hey can i use your game idea of yours to make a similar project


Really fun! Kind of tough in that last level to find the right balance. It'd be fun to see more of this.

The game's overall style was charming, and I like the battlefield surgeon concept... but it wasn't particularly challenging to me.  Entire minutes seemed to pass before waves of patients came in, and there wasn't anyone I couldn't treat by simply repeating operations over and over.  I cleared all the levels without losing a single guy.

I still enjoyed it, though.

A great game! A great start for something that can turn into a bigger game! This is how you game design smart! BRAVO. 

I have writen a review of your game, in Spanish: https://medium.com/@yonem9/rese%C3%B1a-del-videojuego-fixin-to-die-6a00600578b2

The voice acting was great and the difficulty was challenging.

Needs more operation types and different tools? Repetitive. Love the graphics and audio/story.

really fun game :)

I attempted to fix them but they died. Great game, great voice acting and graphics, it was a bit tense but not too tense. Was a nice challenge, but not too difficult. I had a lotta fun playing it, and can't wait to see what else ya could make!

The voiceovers in this game are awesome!! The game itself is hard.  By day 4 it was taking too long time to treat each patient given how fast new ones were coming in, so the patients were basically dead by the time they hit the bed.  Fun game once, but too hard for me to want to replay.

I had a lot of fun with this game, I love the retro graphics and the hilariously over dramatic voice acting. I did have a slight issue with getting the people who needed medical help to spawn, so what was a bummer, but it could be something to do with my system and not the game. Regardless this is a good game, if you are thinking about trying it you should. You can watch my letsplay below if you are still on the fence. 

Really fun, fast paced little game! Really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I try to play the download version on Windows, It's appear that never spawn a soldier to heal on first level.

Really enjoyed playing the game, it was really hectic at some point. 

Would definitely like to see a co-op version of it, with maybe some improvements like leaving the saw just laying on ground instead of putting it back, or instantly dropping it when you pick up the patient. Great game tho, keep it up!

Fun game, but very tough 

nice job

Such a fun game! Wish there was more days, maybe even a "campaign" mode in the game. Very awesome and face paced! Please keep making more improvements to this game! I am just as glad my trashy computer can even run this game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

I liked the game a lot! I thought it was fun having to make those hard decisions, and the fast gameplay really made me make fast choices and choose who lived. Great job!

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