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wish it has local multiplayer where we can steal each other's stuff or we can help each other in endless mode but still another great game

Yeah that would be awsome I had the same idea

I think thats why there are to bone saws


hey can i use your game idea of yours to make a similar project


Really fun! Kind of tough in that last level to find the right balance. It'd be fun to see more of this.

The game's overall style was charming, and I like the battlefield surgeon concept... but it wasn't particularly challenging to me.  Entire minutes seemed to pass before waves of patients came in, and there wasn't anyone I couldn't treat by simply repeating operations over and over.  I cleared all the levels without losing a single guy.

I still enjoyed it, though.

A great game! A great start for something that can turn into a bigger game! This is how you game design smart! BRAVO. 

I have writen a review of your game, in Spanish:

The voice acting was great and the difficulty was challenging.

Needs more operation types and different tools? Repetitive. Love the graphics and audio/story.

really fun game :)

I attempted to fix them but they died. Great game, great voice acting and graphics, it was a bit tense but not too tense. Was a nice challenge, but not too difficult. I had a lotta fun playing it, and can't wait to see what else ya could make!

The voiceovers in this game are awesome!! The game itself is hard.  By day 4 it was taking too long time to treat each patient given how fast new ones were coming in, so the patients were basically dead by the time they hit the bed.  Fun game once, but too hard for me to want to replay.

I had a lot of fun with this game, I love the retro graphics and the hilariously over dramatic voice acting. I did have a slight issue with getting the people who needed medical help to spawn, so what was a bummer, but it could be something to do with my system and not the game. Regardless this is a good game, if you are thinking about trying it you should. You can watch my letsplay below if you are still on the fence. 

Really fun, fast paced little game! Really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I try to play the download version on Windows, It's appear that never spawn a soldier to heal on first level.

Really enjoyed playing the game, it was really hectic at some point. 

Would definitely like to see a co-op version of it, with maybe some improvements like leaving the saw just laying on ground instead of putting it back, or instantly dropping it when you pick up the patient. Great game tho, keep it up!

Fun game, but very tough 

nice job

Such a fun game! Wish there was more days, maybe even a "campaign" mode in the game. Very awesome and face paced! Please keep making more improvements to this game! I am just as glad my trashy computer can even run this game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

I liked the game a lot! I thought it was fun having to make those hard decisions, and the fast gameplay really made me make fast choices and choose who lived. Great job!

i LOVE the concept, i want to be a doctor right now ! aha


Normally I don't play medical games or games like it, I like to stick to my kitchen that's the bloodiest I get. Regardless of anything tho this game is really good. Great sound and audio clips, Amazing pixel art and animation. Controls that are smooth and a nice placed game that is really easy to learn and play. This was an amazing play and a 10/10 for me. 

Really good game, especially for a game jam !

You're part of my video of the Ludum Dare 43 ;)


Enjoy !

I really enjoyed this, even if  short.  I had some issues with the duration of some of the surgeries, but did not turn me away from trying to finish.  Great Job!

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This game is amazing... It's like a dark and twisted version of Overcooked except somehow even more hilarious... It absolutely needs a co-op mode and controller support so I can team up with friends and just chop the heck out of these poor bodies

 You guys don't disappoint, 11/10

This game was so much fun! A little stressful but overall a fun, little game. I would love to see more of it.

I just played the post-jam version. It is really good and well made! I am really impressed. I really liked the graphics, the sounds and the atmosphere. Everything fits together!
I would love to see more levels / game mechanics :)

okay,literaly i was looking for a game and then appeard this angel to entretain me.Another thing, im still laughting(sry) this game is fun.

This game is quick an easy to pick up and understand. The only problem I see is the time it takes to cure some patients. Besides that the game is great and would love more. This was the second game I played.

This game was a blast

i loved the game! its really challenging! i agree with deathnchaos the commentary is what sets it apart from the rest! 00:46

I absolutely loved this! It was a bit challenging towards the end, i enjoyed the commentary from the 'doctor' himself haha thanks mate! Here's my video on it :) 

Really enjoyed this one, great job!

This game is so much fun! I like the challenge of trying to heal the patients while the patients are coming in and the operations fail occasionally. I managed to save all the patients without sacrificing anyone. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make in the future. 20 / 10! 


very fun the the visuals and voice acting make the game as good as it is


Love the art, sounds and general feel of the gameplay. Saved 39/40. Level 4 is pretty frantic but doable in a few tries as you get more efficient. Could see a similar take on building Frankenstein's monster for a future jam idea :)

What tools did you use to make the game?

Super addictive! such a good work, sound, pixel art, voices, very nice!

Very very very very very very very good game! Congrats!

i loved it :D if this  game get more love you can make a great game :v

This game is really fun, It was challenging but not TOO challenged, definitely a fun little game.

Amazing! I loved it. Especially the graphics.

i like how you can both have fun in this game or try hard

i decided to have a lot of fun :D                   definitely recommend!

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