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would love to see an arcade style/ survival mode.

Yeah I agree that'd be cool. I toyed with the idea of a hard mode that had that, and allowed for faster tapping between letters. So the morse code pros can really get into it ;)  Maybe I'll come back to it some time :)


As usually, you Sea Dads know how to amuse - even when morse code is involved! :) The whole war scenario against the marine creatures was in a lovely way absurde (and reminded me somehow of the one old "The Simpsons" episode with the intelligent seals, but eh, I run off the track! :) ) and the voice acting was a wonderful addition. The whole audiovisual representation was pretty slick and the simple gameplay was very polished in its implementation. Thanks for your game, which I happily recommended in an article and of which I was glad to create a little gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,

May I stream your game? It seems fun!

Go for it :)


No whale, no fish, no turtle could take the beach. :)