A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hone your morse code skills while protecting Mother England from the Briney Peril!

As the aquatic menace approach our shores, our lads await order from the electric telegraph, ready to unleash hell on our briney foe if they set one fin on old blighty.   Tally ho lads, send those salty blighters packing!

Hone your morse code skills as you tap out signals, dishing out targets to the seaboard defense turrets. 


- Key in morse code to match enemies you want to target using the left, right or down arrow.
- Each key directs a different gun, spread your fire between enemies or focus your attack on a single tough enemy before it crosses the beach. 
- Fight through 6 waves to victory!


Dave Lloyd - Code
Louis Meyer - Code/Music/Sound
Samuel Sefer - Art
Adrian Vaughan - Voice
Michael Tornabene - Sound

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsSeaDads, Powerhoof
GenreStrategy, Educational
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Global Game Jam, radio, telegraph, Tower Defense, Typing, War
Average sessionA few minutes


morse-cod-windows.zip 21 MB
Version 1.1 Feb 16, 2018
morse-cod-osx.zip 24 MB
Version 1.1 Feb 16, 2018
morse-cod-linux.zip 40 MB
Version 1.1 Feb 16, 2018

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This is nice, particularly once I used dnSpy to reduce the delay so I can quickly go through waves and restart... though it does lose a lot of the charm without the dialog. Beyond that the only major thing I wish I had was a way to prioritize letters I'm having trouble with like x and z, in game not manually editing the weights :) 

I considered uploading the modified Assembly-CSharp.dll somewhere but... decided not to. And the binary patch git generated is larger than the dll itself so. It's not particularly hard to learn to use dnSpy if you're just deleting a few lines though.


would love to see an arcade style/ survival mode.


Yeah I agree that'd be cool. I toyed with the idea of a hard mode that had that, and allowed for faster tapping between letters. So the morse code pros can really get into it ;)  Maybe I'll come back to it some time :)


As usually, you Sea Dads know how to amuse - even when morse code is involved! :) The whole war scenario against the marine creatures was in a lovely way absurde (and reminded me somehow of the one old "The Simpsons" episode with the intelligent seals, but eh, I run off the track! :) ) and the voice acting was a wonderful addition. The whole audiovisual representation was pretty slick and the simple gameplay was very polished in its implementation. Thanks for your game, which I happily recommended in an article and of which I was glad to create a little gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,

May I stream your game? It seems fun!

Go for it :)


No whale, no fish, no turtle could take the beach. :) 

I wonder who downvoted

A sad, jealous person. :)