A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a story about a young girl named Tabitha. We all have stories don't we? But I'll wager none of your tales involve a mysterious cottage, a terrifying witch, or a foul-mouthed badger named Colin!

Tilt and shake a bewitched snowglobe to guide the cursed Tabitha in fully narrated fairy tale adventure made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38.

PS: There's no subtitles so make sure your volume's up!

The SeaDads this time were:


snowed-in-windows.zip 20 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 01, 2017
snowed-in-osx.zip 34 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 01, 2017
snowed-in-linux.zip 34 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 01, 2017
Source.zip 37 MB


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Found this by accident buy holy crap i'm so glad I did ! 

Superb atmosphere, music, artwork and the way you move the globe but the narrator with the 'Rik Mayall' type tone was just amazing. The way a story should be told. Makes you smile the whole way through. Fantastic. Loved it. Well done to all involved... :)

I'm seeing a crash on start with segmentation fault on Ubuntu 18.04.1 64-bit. Any ideas?


Neverever have I played a game which was able to seriously tell a children's story in such a swearing, and still serious way. Adrian's voice is the perfect one for a narrator, I can imagine him sitting in a cozy armchair in the near of a warm chimney, while reading all of it in a book. It's so atmospherical and funny at the same time, so it's no wonder that you got the 6th place in the whole Ludum Dare 38 with it. <3 I also loved it very much, so I recommended it in a little article as well as uploaded a playthrough video of your wonderful puzzle adventure. :) Thanks for your work, SeaDads!

Best wishes,

I tend to stand while recording, and though I don't have a fireplace, I may well have been wearing a dressing gown at the time, so there was definitely something of the 'comfy evening in' about the whole thing :D

Thanks for playing our game, and sharing it with others :)


That's the perfect attitude for doing that. :D Thanks for this amazing behind-the-scenes production details - it seemed to help to create the ideal atmosphere. ;>


That was marvelous, unique controls and perfect length. Well done!


I enjoyed it, short, sweet, charming, and funny. More stuff like this from you guys would be awesome! :)


From the brilliant narration and comedic tone, to the simple, yet effective graphical style which lends itself to an overall toyish look, Snowed In is a surprisingly fun way to spend a few minutes. Longer if you enjoy needlessly shaking apples around as I did. Everything about this little game was just great. It would be interesting to see a small series of games like this.

Good job on this, devs, and keep up the good work. (By the way, I used my "expert" editing skills to add the special effects for the magic. I think I nailed the game's style.)

so great:)

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Amazing!! Really loved it! Such a great narrator! Great jokes! I wanna see a longer version of this!! Please make it happen!

Stay Rad Everybody!

Great little project so I made a video for you guys by way of thanks.


i loved this

This game had an awesome story and I loved shaking the globe to get apples and solve stuff! 

More Youtube Spam, even though you've seen this game be played like a dozen times

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I loved the way you control the character, the animation, the voice acting, the story, everything about this was brilliant, I'm just sad it didn't last longer but I can't wait to see more from you guys (The SeaDads) in the future! (Played this a while ago, but forgot to leave feedback way back when).

Many laughs were had >

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I had such a fun time with this game! Thank you for making it! <3

Narration is 10/10. A little short but the idea of tilting to get objects to places is brilliant. Surely I have seen games that use tilting as mechanic but I haven't seen an adventure game do it. So I would say this kind of idea would work very well for a full scale game.

This is quite a unique game! the puzzle was straight on wasn't that hard. and the VOICE OF THE NARRRAAATTTTOOOORRRRRRRRRR!!! EMMYYGEEEDDD

Once again i found another great game under 72 hours!

I gave this game a go and I really enjoyed what's there so far. I really liked the cool game mechanic of tilting the snow globe to move the character and affect the environment.

More of my thoughts:

hi, big thx for your really great game. i like this nice style. great artwork and sound. great job :) i had so much fun :) greetings from germany

Very cool, guys. Well done!

What can I say, lovely, adorable, and the ending was... definitely unexpected. If people don't mind spoilers, I made a video. :)

This was brilliant