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This game gave me nausea ๐Ÿ˜‚ But it was something I haven't seen before and I liked that.


Lovely few minutes. Thanks for not beeping out the word "piss" too.


wish we got to see more of collin ๐Ÿ˜‚


The story telling is very funny and charming, it does a great job of building an entire world in a tiny little snow globe


What a charming game! Loved every second of it.


fuckkin briliant!


Short and cute, but it sure did make my computer run hard.


I had installed but never tried, I played today. Short but  brilliant. lovely, funny.  Thank you so much. 


I loved this game so much! So simple and short but I enjoyed it heavily xD


Wow! Simply wow! What a hidden gem this is! Short, sweet and absolutely hilarious! This game had me grinning like an idiot from start to finish! Superb work on this game! 


Found this by accident buy holy crap i'm so glad I did ! 

Superb atmosphere, music, artwork and the way you move the globe but the narrator with the 'Rik Mayall' type tone was just amazing. The way a story should be told. Makes you smile the whole way through. Fantastic. Loved it. Well done to all involved... :)

I'm seeing a crash on start with segmentation fault on Ubuntu 18.04.1 64-bit. Any ideas?


Neverever have I played a game which was able to seriously tell a children's story in such a swearing, and still serious way. Adrian's voice is the perfect one for a narrator, I can imagine him sitting in a cozy armchair in the near of a warm chimney, while reading all of it in a book. It's so atmospherical and funny at the same time, so it's no wonder that you got the 6th place in the whole Ludum Dare 38 with it. <3 I also loved it very much, so I recommended it in a little article as well as uploaded a playthrough video of your wonderful puzzle adventure. :) Thanks for your work, SeaDads!

Best wishes,


I tend to stand while recording, and though I don't have a fireplace, I may well have been wearing a dressing gown at the time, so there was definitely something of the 'comfy evening in' about the whole thing :D

Thanks for playing our game, and sharing it with others :)


That's the perfect attitude for doing that. :D Thanks for this amazing behind-the-scenes production details - it seemed to help to create the ideal atmosphere. ;>


That was marvelous, unique controls and perfect length. Well done!


I enjoyed it, short, sweet, charming, and funny. More stuff like this from you guys would be awesome! :)


From the brilliant narration and comedic tone, to the simple, yet effective graphical style which lends itself to an overall toyish look, Snowed In is a surprisingly fun way to spend a few minutes. Longer if you enjoy needlessly shaking apples around as I did. Everything about this little game was just great. It would be interesting to see a small series of games like this.

Good job on this, devs, and keep up the good work. (By the way, I used my "expert" editing skills to add the special effects for the magic. I think I nailed the game's style.)

so great:)

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Amazing!! Really loved it! Such a great narrator! Great jokes! I wanna see a longer version of this!! Please make it happen!

Stay Rad Everybody!

Great little project so I made a video for you guys by way of thanks.


i loved this

This game had an awesome story and I loved shaking the globe to get apples and solve stuff! 

More Youtube Spam, even though you've seen this game be played like a dozen times

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I loved the way you control the character, the animation, the voice acting, the story, everything about this was brilliant, I'm just sad it didn't last longer but I can't wait to see more from you guys (The SeaDads) in the future! (Played this a while ago, but forgot to leave feedback way back when).

Many laughs were had >

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I had such a fun time with this game! Thank you for making it! <3

Narration is 10/10. A little short but the idea of tilting to get objects to places is brilliant. Surely I have seen games that use tilting as mechanic but I haven't seen an adventure game do it. So I would say this kind of idea would work very well for a full scale game.

This is quite a unique game! the puzzle was straight on wasn't that hard. and the VOICE OF THE NARRRAAATTTTOOOORRRRRRRRRR!!! EMMYYGEEEDDD

Once again i found another great game under 72 hours!

I gave this game a go and I really enjoyed what's there so far. I really liked the cool game mechanic of tilting the snow globe to move the character and affect the environment.

More of my thoughts:

hi, big thx for your really great game. i like this nice style. great artwork and sound. great job :) i had so much fun :) greetings from germany

Very cool, guys. Well done!

What can I say, lovely, adorable, and the ending was... definitely unexpected. If people don't mind spoilers, I made a video. :)

This was brilliant