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whoa the game is so cool !!


This game is very well done. but I would like if you could add more variants of enemies, such as more animals, new types of cannon balls, a story mode, something like that, but the game is really, well done

Great stuff, really fun little game.


Awesome game, but doesn't exactly fit the opening cutscene.


This Game Is Epic!!!!!!!!

Great Job 


Great game! This is a simple and deep rts game,  so inspiring! : )


Fantastic job! hahaha
7 ships on my first time! xD


really cool, the one thing ill say is to make it so the route taking thing for going over more than one tile make it so you go over the least broken tiels possible, as my guys kept getting stuck fixing things


Awesome game. well done!

Awesome game. Got really addicted to it a bit ago and decided to make a video on it. I love the set up and there can actually be a decent amount of strategy involved. I'd be tight to see this format in a longer format with upgrades, different baby classes, etc.

I find the basic premise of your game ravishingly silly and had to smile when I played it. <3 The pixel art and the audio comments are just great, everything feels very polished and juicy, that was once again a top performance of you. :) No wonder it made this game of you in the list of recommendations once again on our blog! : D A gameplay video was also produced again. <3 Oh, and... Were the baby noises the ones of your own actual kids? I mean, you are the SeaDads after all. :P

Best wishes,

Top stuff. 9 was my best

Holy crab this is good! You guys are amaaaazingggg!!


Great game...except I can only take so much baby wailing!  :)